Use giraffeQL to make schemas.

Zero coding required.

Easily create Apollo GraphQL schemas from your existing relational database. Use our visual UI to make changes and generate accurate code.

Whenever you're done, export the code as a Javascript file and import it into your project, ready-to-go!

We automatically extract tables and relationships from your database.

Get started right away by importing from an existing PostgreSQL URI with one click.

Fill in our Resolver templates with your preferred database queries.

Why GraphQL?

GraphQL has been replacing REST as the preferred design pattern for APIs, and for good reason. You can request only what you need and consolidate multiple backend calls into a single HTTP request.

But there’s a catch. Setting up your GraphQL endpoint can be extremely time consuming and prone to human error.

If you've set up a GraphQL endpoint before, you've likely misspelled a Type definition only to get null responses from your queries and have no idea what went wrong.

But fear not, for is here to help.

What if I'm not using GraphQL?

No problem!

giraffeQL works as an end-to-end interactive SQL database design solution on it's own. Visualize your database relationships and plan your project's backend.

Meet the Team!

Benjamin Trosch
Anson Avellar
Dan Snyder
Eric Peng